According to CDC statistics, obesity is a major health concern in the United States.

An excess of one in every three adults suffers from obesity, and though advances in nutritional science and medicine have helped curb the epidemic to a degree, there are still many individuals in desperate need for help. 

What One Can Do

Among the things people do to lose weight, you have bariatric surgery, regular exercise programs and lifestyle and diet changes that can often be helpful.

On a flipside, there are times when some of these or even the lot of them put together just do not help. Where does one go from here?

Hypnosis for Weigh Loss

Of late, a number of institutions and independent practitioners have been offering bariatric hypnosis programs and hypnotherapy for weight loss in Tampa and other parts of the U.S.

Though such programs have proven themselves time and again to be highly effective, there are still those out there who would like to know how.

5 Ways it Works

Hypnosis works by helping you access your subconscious mind. This allows you to connect with psychological triggers and stress factors and find better ways to address them as opposed to excessive eating.

We’re going to go over 5 major ways in which hypnotherapy can rewire your brain to help you lose weight!

Getting Into It

Hypnosis connects you to the underlying trauma, baggage or emotional damage that triggers your unhealthy eating. As is commonly known, the first step to fixing any problem is fully realizing its existence. Once you identify your base triggers through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you may proceed to work on them.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss in this way is unique as it targets the cause of weight gain not just the symptoms like other weight loss techniques.

emotional release

Emotional Release

When we go through something traumatic and cannot fully express the damages, negative emotions become trapped within us. Over time, if not processed, they fester and manifest in unhealthy behaviors. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy allow us the space and safety to process and release such emotions making us internally lighter.

Again, less trigger material means less unhealthy behavior.


Many of us internalize and take on unhealthy coping strategies. Hypnosis allows us to identify triggers. This in turn allows us to assess how effective and productive our coping mechanisms really are. For ones that are unhealthy, it provides us the awareness and tools to replace them with healthier coping mechanisms. One example is replacing binge eating with painting or exercise as an alternative response.


Another thing hypnotherapy tends to do on the side is help us do away with a lot of self-defeating ideas. Eliminating such ideas re-empowers us and re-connects us to our inbuilt agency. This helps us proceed to do the things we deem important and healthy for us.


At a very young age depending on the environment we grow up in, we decide how the rest of our lives will turn out. We internalize these ideas and take on behaviors that help manifest them without realizing it. Hypnosis allows us to re-write and re-define these life scripts from ones that bring us down or harm us (losing, banal or hamartic scripts) to those that serve us well (winning scripts).


Regardless of what form of weight loss you may have already opted for, it is abundantly clear that hypnosis is a great way to lock that change in and make it last.

If you’re looking for a health coach in Tampa Florida who is well versed in weight loss hypnosis techniques, check out what we do and give us a shout!