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For a Free Telephone / Video Chat Consultation call us at (813) 919-5884.

According to CDC statistics, obesity is a major health concern in the United States.

An excess of one in every three adults suffers from obesity, and though advances in nutritional science and medicine have helped curb the epidemic to a degree, there are still many individuals in desperate need for help.  Read more

Those who receive hypnosis lose more weight than 90 percent of those who do not.

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The skepticism surrounding hypnotherapy is understood. For so many years, hypnosis was reduced to a performance at parties. Hypnosis is serious business. The power to access your deepest thoughts and emotions allowing you to take back control of your Health, Life, Happiness and Success. The power of self-hypnosis should not be taken lightly. Read more

Hypnosis is more than just relaxing…

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