Hypnosis has been used by the medical industry long before it was brought into the world of entertainment and today more and more studies are finding the many positives of using hypnotherapy to treat medical conditions.

Here are some of the common misconceptions people have about hypnotherapy:

1)   There are people who cannot be hypnotized

Not true; everyone has an unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind. This means everyone can be hypnotized and the effects of hypnotherapy differ from person to person.

You’re in hypnotic states more often than you know. Each time you get sucked into a TV show or a book, you’re entranced. When the TV has convinced you that the actors are not actors but actual characters, you’re in a temporary state of hypnosis.

2)   You have no control in a state of hypnosis

This misconception prevents many people from considering hypnotherapy for treatment. Hypnotherapy does grant limited access to the subconscious mind but that doesn’t mean you lose your judgment.

While you’re more open to suggestibility, you can think for yourself; if anything, you’re in a state of heightened awareness.

3)   You won’t be able to remember anything the hypnotist says

Everyone remembers their hypnosis sessions differently. You may not be able to recall specific details of your session—the same way you can’t remember everything from the TV show you just watched—but you will have a memory of the session.

4)   Intelligent people cannot be hypnotized

Because intelligent people are better at concentrating, they can perform better at hypnosis.

5)   You only tell the truth in hypnosis

Since people assume that in a state of hypnosis you are completely vulnerable, you are likely to tell the truth. However, hypnosis gives you access to the subconscious mind allowing you to be even more creative .

Hypnotherapy has been used to help with medical issues since the early 1900s and replaced with other modalities. Now as more hypnosis techniques are developed, we have a better understanding of its true potential and how it can be used to enhance our quality of life.

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The effects of hypnotherapy are experienced differently from person to person; some experience immediate transformation, while others allow it to sink in more slowly.

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