First Session

Wondering What To Expect At Your First Hypnosis Experience?

​Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we all go in and out of several times each day. We generally do not call it hypnosis. We usually call it daydreaming or staring of into space, meditation or watching a good movie.

When we focus on something or concentrate on the unlimited possibilities to solve a problem and everything around us seems to disappear.

The first session is generally where the analytical and emotional mind discover the vast new world available. When they begin to work together creating a new goal awareness and a desired well formed outcome.

Our position is not to judge what you want or how you got to where you are. ​Our position is not to create clones of our perception of this life. We believe our position should be to help you discover your purpose, your passion. And empower you to create the Health, Life and Happiness you want and desire.

We have the coaching tools to help you discover, create and achieve that health, life and happiness ​you want and desire.

Ever find yourself doing something you know you should not do? Or not doing something you know you should do (procrastination)?

Are your emotions and habits controlling you or are you in control of your emotions and habits?

Think about it. What if you knew what you wanted and that other part of you, supported you and gave you the proper solutions and emotions to get you to your desired goal or destination.

Hypnosis has a way of creating greater awareness while providing laser focus all at the same time, quickly and easily.

If you want more insight, more focus, more control you just may find hypnosis will give you what you need.

  1. Identify Your Goals (What do you want) What do you really really want?
  2. Address Any Questions You Have About Hypnotherapy
  3. Enter a State of increased awareness and focused communication with that part of you that stores your habits and emotional drives.
  4. Use agreed upon Suggestions to Help You Create and Reach Your Desired Outcome.
  5. Welcome back
  6. Returning less stressed, more confident, more aware and more focused. As your subconscious creates and applies the new habits and beliefs to meet your goals. Like learning to ride a bicycle. You do not consciously have to think about it anymore. What area of your life would you like to improve or change?

What Is Hypnosis Like? Can Hypnosis Work For Me?

Do you wake up and fall asleep each day?

Do you ever catch yourself day dreaming or starring off into space?

Have you ever seen a good movie or read a good book and noticed everything around you just seemed to fade away?

How about driving your car, reaching your destination and not remembering the trip?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you already experience hypnosis. So why not take back control of your life by using this powerful natural experience to intentionally improve, change and confidently take back control of your emotions and habits, and take back control of your life.

Hypnosis is like learning how to ride a bicycle once you know how you just get on it and tell it where to go.

Now is the time to create the changes and improvements you want and desire through hypnosis.