Despite there being so many ways to help people quit smoking, people continue to smoke because of one big problem – the lack of willpower. Most solutions to nicotine addiction require some conscious effort. Whether you choose to undergo therapy or use nicotine patches—you will need to be ready and most importantly, you will need to do it for yourself.

So is there a way to quit smoking for those who don’t have the determination?

Those who can’t seem to muster the strength to say no to their cigarettes should give hypnotherapy a try. Recent studies have shown that hypnotherapy may in fact be the most effective way to quit smoking.

How it works

Clients enter a state of hypnosis – a trance like state where they are more responsive and open to suggestibility. Once they are in this state, the hypnotherapist makes suggestions which serve as subliminal messages. Just like any other subliminal messages we receive from the outside world, these influence our behavior and push us towards making certain choices without us being fully aware.

Hypnotherapists tap into the portion of the brain which generates automatic thoughts. What are these automatic thoughts? Each time we see, smell etc. something in our environment, it triggers an involuntary train of thought associated with our past experiences or other deep-rooted tendencies. This train of thought is what hypnotherapy seeks to influence.

How it helps with smoking

Hypnotherapy lets smokers identify negative thoughts that may cause them to smoke and replace them with more positive ones. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to get the smoker to think of how smoking is affecting their health, their need to live healthily and how they can protect themselves from this addiction. Soon, the smoker has changed feelings towards smoking and a greater awareness of how it impacts their health. Research has found that most smokers are ready to quit smoking after 1 to 3 sessions.

Oftentimes hypnotherapists will introduce clients to self-hypnosis to strengthen the influence of hypnosis. Self-hypnosis consists of audio recordings, videos and journaling.

Hypnotherapy appears to be an easier option for those who wish to quit smoking by suggesting to them,that smoking isn’t good for them and being a non smoker will allow them to breath and smell better, save money and live a longer, healthier life. The idea is to retrain the mind so smoking stimulates positive thoughts of being a non-smoker the rest of their lives.

Once they are out of the state of hypnosis, the positive associations are already cemented in the mind and the client’s desire to smoke have been reduced or eliminated.

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