I would like to thank Ron Queeney for helping me today. He literally removed my fears out of my mind. Right after the first session I felt calm, confident and powerful. I’m smiling and laughing all day, and my husband told me that I was different and he really liked these changes in me.
Thank you for your help, advice and inspiration you gave me today. Now I know, how strong I am and everything is possible!
I’ve already told my family about Ron and my sister can’t wait to have a session with him!
Thank you Ron, million times!


I have a fear of flying. Ron helped me find out why!! Be courageous and find what you need today. Call Ron now.


Amazing experience made me aware of different parts of my mind I didn’t know existed or knew I could control. Would recommend to anyone whether you have a certain physical issue you’d like to solve, or want to improve your mental abilities. I was shook after my first session because of how aware I became of my surroundings and how my mind could actually control my body. Thank you!


Ron is very knowledgeable and supportive. I appreciate his kindness, compassion, and understanding. There’s no doubt he can help you with any issue. He gives you tools that will help you in life.


I am very happy with my experience , Ron was very knowledgeable and caring. He took time to explain and help me with my situation. Thank you!


Helped me to relax when the Dentist had told me that I had been grinding my teeth. And return to that relaxed state more often.


Ron is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough great things about this man. I have tried a number of different methods to try and get over anxiety and this is by far the best method I have come across. The great thing about what Ron teaches is it’s not only on what you are trying to overcome but is useful in all aspects of life. Every time I go in for an appointment he goes above and beyond anything I would have thought. He shows a genuine care in helping you achieve what you are looking for which is hard to find. Thank you Ron for everything you have done for me thus far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me in upcoming sessions.


Thank you Ron! I will recommend anyone to you, you are truly a gifted person and appreciate how well
You listened and helped me view a lot of things in a great and positive way.


Great results so far! I would highly recommend Ron Queeney. :)


Thank you Ron. My experience was unbelievable. Of course apprehensive, but from the moment I walked out of you office I felt the the world was lifted from my shoulders and the habit of smoking was gone. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to live and feel better.


To start I want to say that, I never experienced hypnosis before but after my meeting with him I feel much better, more confident. That was a great experience. I’m definitely going to see him again. There are a lot of things in my life I want to improve.

Life Beyond Mind

Ron is the man, Ron is not only a great Hypnotherapist but he personalizes his sessions for you. 100% organic and unscripted approach in my opinion. On top of that has excellent advice and is extremely genuine! I would highly recommend him! Get Hypnotized Tampa, get hypnotized for success! Thanks again Ron.


I was very pleased with the therapist, he was very knowledgeable, very thorough and most importantly very effective.
I went to see him for a fear of driving over bridges, which i had narrowed down had started due to a bad experience years ago. I travel for business and pleasure often and this had caused me issues for years. I was treated for about 2 hours and a few weeks later I drove over three bridges on my way to vacation at Marco Island and i had no problems at all!!!
Additionally, it is worthy of noting he did not try to sell me on more sessions than needed. He felt i would be fine after first session and he was right.
I highly recommend Tampa Hypnosis Center!


Can a hypnotherapist help me get rid of the stress I feel so often? I was anxious and I was sorry for myself. I didn’t know from where all this stress came into my head. Anxious, confused, and disturbed – I was hopeless before I went to Tampa Hypnosis Center. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I am calmer now and don’t really bother about something that doesn’t deserve my time and attention. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ron Queeney for his assistance through the process. It is due to him that I am able to lead a happier life now.


Wow ! First session was amazing


I would have to say my experience was great, Mr.Ron Queeney was very pleasant and extremely informative of the therapeutic process. This was most importantly reassuring to me considering this was my first time at a Hypnotherapist.

Mr. Queeney have a passion and true understanding of the use, of Hypnotherapy as a revealing, healing, and a great initiating catalyst in the development of ourselves.
My experience personally was very beneficial as I struggled to keep a peace of mind and a low level of stress when confronted with certain challenges.

But through a technique, Mr. Queeney guided me on, I have had a dramatic change of perception relating to that specific challenge. As a result I am in a better and more balanced state. I would give five thumbs up, but I only have two. So instead I will give 5 stars..


I was a little apprehensive at first when my family asked me to visit a hypnotherapist for helping me get over my habit of smoking. Actually, I was a bit concerned. I had a few questions, which were holding me back. But, my family forced me to visit Mr. Ron Queeney of Tampa Hypnosis Center, and I finally thought that I should listen to them. But I was still unsure whether or not the therapy would have a positive impact. I must admit that the results were better than what I expected. I had tried everything to quit smoking, but nothing had worked. However, Mr. Queeney made me realize how wrong I was in not visiting him before. Smoking is fatal, needless, and everything bad you can associate it with – this is what I was thinking when I came out of the session. I want to thank Mr. Queeney for helping me get over this habit sooner than I expected.