Are you often stuck or held back from doing something you have wanted to accomplish or achieve all your life? Do you fear that something inauspicious will happen if you try and fail? A lot of people experience such things where their inner self just doesn’t allow them to get involved in activities or tasks that are out of their comfort zone. Howie Mandel, a popular comedian, host, and a celebrity judge in America’s Got Talent (AGT) TV show has a fear of germs.
So, he won’t shake hands with anyone. And the world knows about it too well. In one of the episodes of AGT, one young hypnotist made use of his talent in hypnotism and confidence of using such a big stage to his benefit by hypnotizing Mandel, with his consent of course. Then he got him into shaking hands with him and all the judges on the show, and Mandel began shaking hands without a care in the world. This is where you have to think about the power of hypnosis in getting someone or yourself to effortlessly move outside your comfort zone. A person who uses fist bumps to greet people he meets just to avoid shaking hands is made to do exactly that, with millions of people watching everything unfold.

Celebrities like Oprah and Dr Oz practice self-hypnosis to empower their mind and provide them the drive, confidence, self esteem and charisma they need, to break all the shackles that are preventing them from pursuing greater things. However, an experienced and certified hypnotherapist can help you discover, learn and apply self-hypnosis like other successful people and overcome any obstacles and empower you as it empowered Mandel on stage at AGT.

Hypnosis has been found to be very effective in making your professional and personal life more fruitful. It can also be used to improve health, happiness and success in life. This is a great example of improved communication between that conscious part of you and that other part of you where habits and emotions are stored.

What could you accomplish if you could quickly and easily create the habits and emotions of success in your Life? This can be achieved through self hypnosis.

Have you ever procrastinated and not done what you know you should do? Or done something you outright new you should not do? Self hypnosis can help people make more congruent choices. Become more focused, more confident, more in control of their emotional decisions and actions. Hypnosis can help you achieve what you want.

Now, the question is whether you want to use hypnosis like Howie Mandel? Or prefer to stay where you are right now.

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